Microscopy Laboratory

Inverted Digital Video Microscope with Micropipet Manipulation

A technique that is central to our research is the use of inverted digital video microscopy with micropipet manipulation, also referred to as micromanipulation. Our system is composed of an experimental station (an inverted microscope with a micromanipulator); data acquisition station (a digital camera/PC interface); distribution system (digital library, images and videos); and display (projection system). Reactions between and within aqueous microdroplets can be visualized and recorded in real-time.

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Inverted Confocal Raman Microscope System (XploRA INV from Horiba)

The Inverted Confocal Raman Microscope with micromanipulation system has two lasers consisting of 532 nm 25 mW solid state laser with spectral resolution, 0.7 cm-1/pixel and 785 nm 100 mW laser diode, with spectral resolution, 0.4 cm-1/pixel.

Micropipet Manipulators

Micropipet manipulators provide an ability to create, observe, and manipulate a single isolated cell size droplet in a well-defined and -controlled liquid environment. Manipulation of the microdroplets can be used to modify the interface by moving droplets to different environments, introducing reagents, and modulating a surrounding monolayer/bilayer.

Microdroplet Chamber

To form a chamber, two parallel strips of coverslip glass are supported in such a way as to create a gap of 2 mm between them. Within this gap was placed the oil medium reservoir, held therein by surface tension. The strips of coverslip glass are supported on a base constructed from pieces of a standard glass microscope slide. The completed chamber is placed on the microscope stage.