Our Recent Paper Published in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Our paper titled “Sensitivity of Cationic Surfactant Templates to Specific Anions in Liquid Interface Crytallization” has been published in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. This paper is coauthored by Paul Sanstead (’11), Nick Florio (’11), Kiersten Giusto (’12) and Catherine Morris (’12). This paper describes the effect of specific ions on template capability of wide variety of cationic surfactants to nucleate inorganic crystals. Surprisingly we discovered that similar quarternary ammonium surfactants can have differential sensitivity to specific ions, revealing complex interplay among surfactant structure, solute, and oil solvent. Our results should contribute to an increase in understanding of how supramolecular aggregates at the liquid-liquid interface promote the synthesis of particles (e.g., nanoparticles and crystals) having vital importance to nature, technology, health, and industry. Congratulations to the research team!