Twelve Group Members Trek to Nation’s Chemistry Hub, Present Their Research

Twelve group members attended and presented their research at the 246th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS), Indianapolis, IN. The student attendees were Jaclyn Robustelli (’14, Biochemistry), Peter Vitale (’14, Biochemistry), Michelle Muzzio (’15, Chemistry), Omoakhe Tisor (’15, Biochemistry), Rosario Giacomini (’15, Biochemistry), Safiat Ayinde (’15 Biochemistry), Peter Milianta (’16, Biochemistry), Ricardo Oliveira (’16, Chemistry), Jacqueline Martinez (’16, Chemistry), Melissa Morales (’16, Chemistry), Geoffrey Cawley (’16, Chemistry) and Sean Campbell (’16, Computer Science). The student team made three presentations to an audience of interested chemists. Read more on Iona College’s website.