Peter J. Milianta reflects on his recent experience working at the University of Tokyo, Japan

PJ in Japan, June 2016

Peter J. Milianta ('16 Biochemistry) has recently returned from a month-long research participation in the laboratory of Prof. Shoji Takeuchi at the University of Tokyo. He lived and worked as a member of Prof. Takeuchi's group, as part of a collaboration between U. Tokyo and our laboratory. PJ reflects on his experience and how he has blossomed into a mature scientist with a global perspective, as a result of NSF funding.

"It was both a tremendous honor and an exceptional delight to collaborate with the Takeuchi Group, one of the leading research teams at the University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science. I was welcomed by a kindhearted and hospitable group of individuals that helped me to acclimate to the customs and environment of their laboratory, as well as to my life in Tokyo. Working on a novel microfluidics device, I was openly exposed to chemical engineering and challenged to use my knowledge of biochemistry and surface chemistry to overcome a range of obstacles. Through our collaborative endeavor, I was successful in optimizing it for further experimentation in the United States." Read more.