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Undergraduate Research Participants since 2006

If you would like to join Dr. Lee's undergraduate research group, please contact Dr. Lee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Research Topic


Christina Luis ’07 ACS-PRF A Single Microdroplet as a Microchemical Reaction Container 2006-2007
Shelby Erb ’08 
Admiral Farragut Academy, 9-12 Education
Dreyfus Chemical Reactions in a Microdroplet 2006-2008
Kristin Allain ’08 
(JD '12, Stetson University College of Law) Children's Legal Services Attorney at Florida Department of Children and Families
Iona/AMEX Grant
Controlled Crystallization of K3Fe(CN)6  (Honors Thesis 2008) 2006-2008
Pasquale Abiuso '08                        (Boca Raton Community High School, Chemistry AP/AICE/Honors Teacher) ACS-PRF

Crystallization in a Microdroplet 2006-2008
Aaron Snyder ’08 
(MD '12, The Florida State University College of Medicine) Emergency Medicine Resident at University of Conn.
AMEX Grant
Lysozyme Crystallization (Honors Thesis 2008) 2006-2008
Aileen Hilario ’09 
(OD '15, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine)
ACS-PRF; Dreyfus; Iona/AMEX Grant Specific Ion Effects on Cationic Surfactant (Honors Thesis 2009) 2007-2009 
Loreta Geneviciute ’10
(DMD '15, New York University College of Dentistry)
Dreyfus; NSF-RUI
Polytype Selectivity for K4Fe(CN)6 2007-2010
Joseph Wiener ’10
(PepsiCo, Research scientist, Chemical Engineering, Manhattan College)
ACS-PRF; Dreyfus; NSF-RUI Metal Induced Bilayer Formation 2007-2010
Remon Bebawee ’10
(ACS-PRF-SUMR Scholar 2008, MD Program, SUNY Buffalo)
ACS-PRF; Dreyfus; NSF-RUI Template Effect on K3Fe(CN)6 crystallization 2007-2010
Nick Florio ’11
(MD '16, SUNY Stony Brook, School of Medicine) Overlook Medical Ctr, NJ
Dreyfus; NSF-RUI; PMF Additive Effects on NaCl 2008- 2011
Paul Sanstead ’11
(PhD Program in Chemistry; U. Chicago; Semifinalist for the 2011 National Collegiate Honors Council Portz Scholars)
Metastable Zone Width for K2SO4 
(Honors Thesis 2011)
2008- 2011
Diana Nunes ’11 (Nursing Program, College of Mount Saint Vincent) Registered Nurse: NYU Langone Medical Center NSF-RUI; Iona College Visualization of Solubility Phenomena 2010- 2011
Kiersten Giusto ’12 (PhD Program in Pharmaceutical Science, St John's University) NSF-RUI; Iona College Determining solute concentration in microdroplets by refractive index/Crystallization of Inorganics/Organics and Templating Effect 2009- 2012
Ines Silva ’12 (MST Program in Education, Iona College) NSF-RUI; Iona College Learning Modules for Microscopic Visualization Phenomena 2009- 2012
Catherine Morris ’12 (Pharm.D '15, University of Saint Joseph School of Pharmacy) NSF-RUI; Iona College Crystallization of Inorganics/Organics and Templating Effect 2009- 2012
Alexander Soderberg, ’12 (MS in Chemistry '14, Northern Arizona Univ.) Cambrex Corporation, Sweden Iona College; Bruker Inc. Development and Validation of an FT-NIR Method for Identification of Spectrally Similar Materials using a Hierarchial Approach 2010- 2012
Erin Morgan, ’13 (PhD Program in Chemistry, UC Santa Barbara) Iona College; PMF; Bruker Inc.; Iona/AMEX Grant  Protein and Polymer Stability by FT-NIR and ATR-IR 
(Honors Thesis 2013)
Allyson Moffat, ’13 (NeoStrata Company, NJ) Iona College; Bruker Inc. The Effect of Nature and Ionic Strength on Protein Denaturation by FT-NIR (Honors Thesis 2013)  2011-2013
Zuzanna Michalak ’13 (MD Program, Jagiellonian University Medical College, Poland) ACS WCC and Eli Lilly Award NSF-RUI; PMF; Iona/AMEX Grant Understanding the Nature of Adhesion at the Droplet Interface Bilayer: Theoretical Approach (Honors Thesis with Distinction 2013) 2009-2013
Nousin Haque ’13 (MD Program, Einstein School of Medicine, NY) NSF-RUI; PMF; Iona/AMEX Grant Understanding the Nature of Adhesion at the Droplet Interface Bilayer (Honors Thesis 2013) 2009-2013
Darius Fartash ’13 (Emergency Medical Technician) NSF-RUI; PMF The Study of Osmotic Flux Across a Surfactant Bilayer 2009-2013
Daniel Lutolf-Carroll ’14 (MS in Analytics, Northwestern University) NSF-RUI; PMF Development of Image Analysis Software for Surface Tension 2010-2014
Peter Vitale ’14 (DO Program, NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine) NSF-RUI; Iona/AMEX Grant Polymorphism of Glycine (Honors Thesis 2014) 2010-2014
Courtney Veilleux ’14 (PhD Program in Microbiology an Molecular Genetics, Rutgers University) NSF-RUI; PMF Biomineralization in a Confined Space 2010-2012
Jaclyn Robustelli, ’14 (PhD Program in Biochemistry, Univ. Pennsylvania) Iona College; PMF; NSF-RUI; Bruker Inc Iona/AMEX Grant. Development of Hybrid Analytical Technique: NIR/TLC 
(Honors Thesis 2014)
Mona Jasmine Ahonen, '14 (PhD Program in Chemistry, UNC Chapel Hill) NSF-RUI Study of Polymorphism: Thermal Behavior 2013-2014
Akshay Koottala, New Rochelle High School (Drexel University, Biological Science '18) Iona College; NSF-RUI Solvent intercalation at the liquid-liquid interface-Influence on Glycine Polymorph 2011-2013
Omoakhe Tisor, ’15 (MD Program, SUNY Downstate Medical School) CSTEP; NSF-RUI; PMF; Iona/AMEX Grant Monoglyceride-templated crystallization (Honors Thesis 2015) 2011-2015
Michelle Muzzio, ’15 Valedictorian (PhD Program in Chemistry, Brown University, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship '16)  NSF-RUI; PMF; Iona/AMEX Grant Artificial Membrane via Droplet Interface Bilayer (Honors Thesis 2015) 2011-2015
David Lopez , New Rochelle High School (Columbia University, Chemistry '19) STEP Monoglyceride-templated crystallization 2011-2015
Kevin Towler, ’15 (Content Manager, Creative Webdesign) PMF; NSF-RUI Inorganic Crystallization 2011-2012
Rosario Giacomini, ’15 (DO Program, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine) Iona College; NSF-RUI Artificial Membrane via Droplet Interface Bilayer 2011-2015
Safiat Ayinde, ’15 (PhD Program in Pharmacology and Molecular Science, Johns Hopkins University) CSTEP; NSF-RUI NIR Study of Active Pharmaceutical Ingrediants 2013-2015
Peter Milianta, ’16 (MD Program, Penn State College of Medicine) NSF-RUI, PMF, Iona/AMEX Grant Generation of Asymmetric Droplet Interface Bilayer (Honors Program) 2013-2016
Ricardo Oliveira, ’16 (MS Program in Chemical Engineering, Cornell University) NSF-RUI, PMF Food Emulsions (Honors Program) 2013-2016
Jacqueline Martinez, ’16 (MBA, Iona College) Bioscience communications, NY NSF-RUI, PMF Emulsions for Cosmetic Applications (Honors Program) 2013-2016
Melissa Morales, ’16 (MBA, Iona College) CSTEP; NSF-RUI Study of Polymorphism: Thermal Behavior 2013-2016
Sean Campbell, ’16 (Google, NY) NSF-RUI, PMF Neural Network Analysis for NIR Spectra (Honors Program) 2013-2016
Geoffrey Cawley, ’17 (Revature, VA) NSF-RUI Software Development for Image Analysis 2013-present
Maria Lopez, '17 CSTEP; NSF-RUI Influence of Tail-group of Lipids on Membrane Water Permeability 2014-present
Sue Ellen Evangelista, '17 (MST in Education, Iona College) NSF-RUI Effect of Cations on Membrane Permeability (Honors Program) 2014-present
Kalen Sullivan, ’17 (Pfizer, NY) NSF-RUI Quantitative Analysis of Raman Active Solutes in a Microconfinement 2014-present
Jacqueline Denver, '17 (School of Nursing, Quinnipiac University) NSF-RUI, PMF Solvent Effects on Water Permeability (Honors Program) 2014-present
Jake Villanova, '16 (PhD Program in Chemistry, Brown University) NSF-RUI, PMF Solvent Effects on Water Permeability 2015-2016
Michael McGlone, '17 (Regeneron, NY) NSF-RUI Electrical Property Measurement of Biological Membrane (Honors Program) 2015-present
Alessandra Armetta, '18 NSF-RUI Solvent Effects on Water Permeability 2015-present
Gabriella Di Domizio, 18 NSF-RUI Influence of Tail-group of Lipids on Membrane Water Permeability 2015-present
Samuel Braziel, '18 NSF-RUI, Jean Dreyfus Scholar Quantitative Analysis of Raman Active Solutes in a Microconfinement 2015-present
Michael Morales, '19 NSF-RUI, Jean Dreyfus Scholar On the Permeability of Water across Model Lipid Bilayers 2016-Present
Brona O'Sullivan, '19 NSF-RUI Water Permeability of Asymmetric Droplet Interface Bilayer 2016-Present
Alyssa-Marie Gayapa, '19 NSF-RUI Tensiometric Studies of Drugs with Cell Membranes 2016-Present
Anneliese Jagarnath, '19 NSF-RUI Phospholipid-Small Molecule Interactions: Influences on Membrane Thermal Behavior Studied by DSC 2016-Present
Megan Wood, '19 NSF-RUI Effects of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs on Water Permeability of Lipid Bilayers 2017-Present
Elizabeth Miller, '19 NSF-RUI Raman Microspectroscopic Study of Phospholipid Membranes and Their Interaction with Biomolecules 2017-Present
Shea Foley, '19 NSF-RUI Role of vitamin E on Polyunsaturated Lipids: Water Permeability  2017-Present
Joseph Giancaspro, '20 NSF-RUI Raman Studies of Water Transport at Nanoliter Microdroplets: Diffusional and Osmotic Water Permeability 2017-Present
Marnie Skinner, '20 NSF-RUI Effect of nanoparticles with model membranes: Water permeability studies  2017-Present
Regan Warmoth, '20 NSF-RUI Tensiometric Studies of Drugs with Cell Membranes 2017-Present
Jonathan Warner Clement, '20 NSF-RUI Raman Microspectroscopic Study of Phospholipid Membranes 2017-Present
Jonathan Richter (King and Low-Heywood Thomas School) NSF-RUI Summer '15 Intern 2015 summer
Jacob Gruza (New Rochelle High School) NSF-RUI Summer '16 Intern 2016 summer
Kevin Cavallo (New Rochelle High School) NSF-RUI Summer '16 Intern 2016 summer
Helen Meyerson (Pelham Memorial High School) NSF-RUI Spring '17, Summer 17 Spring 2017-Present


ACS-PRF-SUMR: American Chemical Society-Petroleum Research Fund-Supplement for Underrepresented Minor Research

Iona/AMEX Grant: American Express Grant (Iona College Honors Program)

NSF-RUI: National Science Foundation-Research in Undergraduate Institutions

PMF: The Patrick Martin Foundation