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Current Undergraduate Student Researchers

Our research group is composed solely of undergraduate students. Generally, students perform research projects for several consecutive years, gaining valuable experience in independent study, and mentoring newer research group members. If you would like to join Dr. Lee's undergraduate research group, please contact Dr. Lee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • Portrait of Geoffrey Cawley
    Geoffrey Cawley ('17)
  • Portrait of Jacqueline Denver
    Jacqueline Denver ('17)
  • Portrait of Sue Ellen Evangelista
    Sue Ellen Evangelista ('17)
  • Portrait of Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez ('17)
  • Portrait of Kalen Sullivan
    Kalen Sullivan ('17)
  • Portrait of Michael McGlone
    Michael McGlone ('17)
  • Portrait of Alessandra Armetta
    Alessandra Armetta ('18)
  • Portrait of Gabriella Di Domizio
    Gabriella Di Domizio ('18)
  • Portrait of Samuel Braziel
    Samuel Braziel ('18)
  • Portrait of Rachel Garn
    Rachel Garn ('18)
  • Portrait of Anneliese Jagarnath
    Anneliese Jagarnath ('19)
  • Portrait of Michael Morales
    Michael Morales ('19)
  • Portrait of Brona O'Sullivan
    Brona O'Sullivan ('19)
  • Portrait of Libby Miller
    Libby Miller ('19)
  • Portrait of Alyssa Gayapa
    Alyssa Gayapa ('19)
  • Portrait of Megan Wood
    Megan Wood ('19)
  • Portrait of Shea Foley
    Shea Foley ('19)
  • Portrait of Regan Warmoth
    Regan Warmoth ('20)
  • Portrait of Joseph Giancaspro
    Joseph Giancaspro ('20)
  • Portrait of Marnie Skinner
    Marnie Skinner ('20)
  • Portrait of Mesha Iqbal
    Mesha Iqbal ('20)
  • Portrait of Dulce Cosio
    Dulce Cosio (New Rochelle High School)
  • Portrait of Helen Meyerson
    Helen Meyerson (Pelham Memorial High School)
  • David Lopez (New Rochelle High School, Columbia University '19)
  • Portrait of Jonathan Richter
    Jonathan Richter (Intern, Summer 2015, high school junior)
  • Michael McInerney (Pelham Memorial High School)