Significant New Droplet Crystallization Technique Published in CrystEngComm, a Journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Dr. Lee’s recent paper, titled “Tunable crystallization via osmosis-driven transport across a droplet interface bilayer” has been published in CrystEngComm, a Journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry. This paper is coauthored by Zuzanna Michalak (’13), Darius Fartash (’13), Nousin Haque (’13). In this paper, we demonstrate osmosis-driven nucleation of crystallizable solutes using a droplet interface bilayer (DIB) system. Such systems provide rapid and highly configurable platforms for the control and study of crystallization phenomena at the microdroplet level. This work is significant for future applications of droplet technology in crystallizing targets such as proteins, where the availability of ever newer methods for inducing crystal formation are consistently in demand. Congratulations to the research team!